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This is the talk schedule of the conference. See the proceedings for more details about the talks.


8:00 Registration/Breakfast

8:55 Welcome (Travis Vaught)

9:10 Keynote (Alex Martelli)

10:00 State of SciPy (Travis Vaught, Jarrod Millman)

10:40 -- Break --

11:00 Exploring network structure, dynamics, and function using NetworkX (Aric Hagberg)

11:40 Interval arithmetic: Python implementation and applications (Stefano Taschini)

12:00 Experiences Using Scipy for Computer Vision Research (Damian Eads)

12:20 -- Lunch --

1:40 The new NumPy documentation framework (Stéfan Van der Walt)

2:00 Matplotlib solves the riddle of the sphinx (Michael Droettboom)

2:40 The SciPy documentation project (Joe Harrington)

3:00 -- Break --

3:40 Sage: creating a viable free Python-based open source alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and Matlab (William Stein)

4:20 Open space for lightning talks


8:30 Breakfast

9:10 Pysynphot: A Python Re-Implementation of a Legacy App in Astronomy

9:50 How the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) is using Python (Robert Lupton)

10:20 Real-time Astronomical Time-series Classification and Broadcast Pipeline (Dan Starr)

10:40 -- Break --

11:10 Analysis and Visualization of Multi-Scale Astrophysical Simulations using Python and NumPy (Matthew Turk)

11:30 Mayavi: Making 3D data visualization reusable (Prabhu Ramachandran, Gaël Varoquaux)

12:00 Finite Element Modeling of Contact and Impact Problems Using Python (Ryan Krauss)

12:20 -- Lunch --

2:00 PyCircuitScape: A Tool for Landscape Ecology (Viral Shah)

2:20 Summarizing Complexity in High Dimensional Spaces (Karl Young)

2:40 UFuncs: A generic function mechanism in Python (Travis Oliphant)

3:20 -- Break --

3:40 NumPy Optimization: Manual tuning and automated approaches (Evan Patterson)

4:00 Converting Python functions to dynamically-compiled C (Ilan Schnell)

4:20 unPython: Converting Python numerical programs into C (Rahul Garg)

4:40 Implementing the Grammar of Graphics for Python (Robert Kern)

5:00 Ask the experts session.