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Audio-Visual Speech Recognition using SciPy

Helge Reikeras
Stellenbosch University

Ben Herbst
Stellenbosch University

Johan du Preez
Stellenbosch University


In audio-visual automatic speech recognition (AVASR) both acoustic and visual modalities of speech are used to identify what a person is saying. In this paper we propose a basic AVASR system implemented using SciPy, an open source Python library for scientific computing. AVASR research draws from the fields of signal processing, computer vision and machine learning, all of which are active fields of development in the SciPy community. As such, AVASR researchers using SciPy are able to benefit from a wide range of tools available in SciPy.

The performance of the system is tested using the Clemson University audio-visual experiments (CUAVE) database. We find that visual speech information is in itself not sufficient for automatic speech recognition. However, by integrating visual and acoustic speech information we are able to obtain better performance than what is possible with audio-only ASR.


speech recognition, machine learning, computer vision, signal processing

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