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Proceedings of the 10th Python in Science Conference (SciPy 2011)

Stéfan van der Walt, Jarrod Millman

July 11 - 16

Austin, Texas

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Preface 1
Stéfan van der Walt, Jarrod Millman

Fitting and Estimating Parameter Confidence Limits with Sherpa 4
Brian Refsdal, Stephen Doe, Dan Nguyen, Aneta Siemiginowska

Crab: A Recommendation Engine Framework for Python 11
Marcel Caraciolo, Bruno Melo, Ricardo Caspirro

gpustats: GPU Library for Statistical Computing in Python 18
Andrew Cron, Wes McKinney

Using the Global Arrays Toolkit to Reimplement NumPy for Distributed Computation 23
Jeff Daily, Robert R. Lewis

Vision Spreadsheet: An Environment for Computer Vision 30
Scott Determan

Constructing scientific programs using SymPy 34
Mark Dewing

Using Python, Partnerships, Standards and Web Services to provide Water Data for Texans 39
Dharhas Pothina, Andrew Wilson

PyModel: Model-based testing in Python 43
Jonathan Jacky

Hurricane Prediction with Python 49
Minwoo Lee, Charles W. Anderson, Mark DeMaria

IMUSim - Simulating inertial and magnetic sensor systems in Python 54
Martin J. Ling, Alex D. Young

Using Python to Construct a Scalable Parallel Nonlinear Wave Solver 61
Kyle T. Mandli, Amal Alghamdi, Aron Ahmadia, David I. Ketcheson, William Scullin

Building a Framework for Predictive Science 67
Michael M. McKerns, Leif Strand, Tim Sullivan, Alta Fang, Michael A.G. Aivazis

PyStream: Compiling Python onto the GPU 79
Nick Bray

Bringing Parallel Performance to Python with Domain-Specific Selective Embedded Just-in-Time Specialization 83
Shoaib Kamil, Derrick Coetzee, Armando Fox

N-th-order Accurate, Distributed Interpolation Library 90
Stephen M. McQuay, Steven E. Gorrell

Time Series Analysis in Python with statsmodels 96
Wes McKinney, Josef Perktold, Skipper Seabold

Improving efficiency and repeatability of lake volume estimates using Python 103
Tyler McEwen, Dharhas Pothina, Solomon Negusse

Automation of Inertial Fusion Target Design with Python 109
Matthew Terry, Joseph Koning

Google App Engine Python 114
Douglas A. Starnes

A Technical Anatomy of SPM.Python, a Scalable, Parallel Version of Python 117
Minesh B. Amin