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Proceedings of the 14th Python in Science Conference (SciPy 2015)

Kathryn Huff, James Bergstra

July 6 - 12

Austin, Texas

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Will Millennials Ever Get Married? 1
Allen B. Downey

pgmpy: Probabilistic Graphical Models using Python 6
Ankur Ankan, Abinash Panda

Python as a First Programming Language for Biomedical Scientists 12
Brian E. Chapman, Ph.D., Jeannie Irwin, Ph.D.

librosa: Audio and Music Signal Analysis in Python 18
Brian McFee, Colin Raffel, Dawen Liang, Daniel P.W. Ellis, Matt McVicar, Eric Battenberg, Oriol Nieto

PyEDA: Data Structures and Algorithms for Electronic Design Automation 26
Chris Drake

Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization with Python, VTK, and ParaView 32
Cory Quammen

Creating a Real-Time Recommendation Engine using Modified K-Means Clustering and Remote Sensing Signature Matching Algorithms 40
David Lippa, Jason Vertrees

The James Webb Space Telescope Data Calibration Pipeline 44
Howard Bushouse, Michael Droettboom, Perry Greenfield

Circumventing The Linker: Using SciPy's BLAS and LAPACK Within Cython 49
Ian Henriksen

Mesa: An Agent-Based Modeling Framework 53
David Masad, Jacqueline Kazil

HoloViews: Building Complex Visualizations Easily for Reproducible Science 61
Jean-Luc R. Stevens, Philipp Rudiger, James A. Bednar

Structural Cohesion: Visualization and Heuristics for Fast Computation with NetworkX and matplotlib 70
Jordi Torrents, Fabrizio Ferraro

Automated Image Quality Monitoring with IQMon 80
Josh Walawender

PyRK: A Python Package For Nuclear Reactor Kinetics 87
Kathryn Huff

VisPy: Harnessing The GPU For Fast, High-Level Visualization 94
Luke Campagnola, Almar Klein, Eric Larson, Cyrille Rossant, Nicolas Rougier

White Noise Test: detecting autocorrelation and nonstationarities in long time series after ARIMA modeling 100
Margaret Y Mahan, Chelley R Chorn, Apostolos P Georgopoulos

Signal Processing and Communications: Teaching and Research Using IPython Notebook 109
Mark Wickert

pyDEM: Global Digital Elevation Model Analysis 117
Mattheus P. Ueckermann, Robert D. Chambers, Christopher A. Brooks, William E. Audette III, Jerry Bieszczad

Widgets and Astropy: Accomplishing Productive Research with Undergraduates 125
Matthew Craig

Dask: Parallel Computation with Blocked algorithms and Task Scheduling 130
Matthew Rocklin

PySPLIT: a Package for the Generation, Analysis, and Visualization of HYSPLIT Air Parcel Trajectories 137
Mellissa Cross

TrendVis: an Elegant Interface for dense, sparkline-like, quantitative visualizations of multiple series using matplotlib 143
Mellissa Cross

Causal Bayesian NetworkX 150
Michael D. Pacer

Geodynamic simulations in HPC with Python 158
Nicola Creati, Roberto Vidmar, Paolo Sterzai

Qiita: report of progress towards an open access microbiome data analysis and visualization~platform 164
The Qiita Development Team

Python in Data Science Research and Education 170
Randy Paffenroth, Xiangnan Kong

Relation: The Missing Container 178
Scott James, James Larkin

Testing Generative Models of Online Collaboration with BigBang 182
Sebastian Benthall

Visualizing physiological signals in real-time 190
Sebastián Sepúlveda, Pablo Reyes, Alejandro Weinstein

Building a Cloud Service for Reproducible Simulation Management 195
Faical Yannick Palingwende Congo