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librosa: Audio and Music Signal Analysis in Python

Brian McFee
Center for Data Science, New York University

Colin Raffel
Music and Audio Research Laboratory, New York University

Dawen Liang
LabROSA, Columbia University

Daniel P.W. Ellis
LabROSA, Columbia University

Matt McVicar
LabROSA, Columbia University

Eric Battenberg
Department of Engineering Mathematics, University of Bristol

Oriol Nieto
Silicon Valley AI Lab, Baidu, Inc.


This document describes version 0.4.0 of librosa: a Python package for audio and music signal processing. At a high level, librosa provides implementations of a variety of common functions used throughout the field of music information retrieval. In this document, a brief overview of the library's functionality is provided, along with explanations of the design goals, software development practices, and notational conventions.


audio, music, signal processing

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