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Proceedings of the 17th Python in Science Conference (SciPy 2018)

Fatih Akici, David Lippa, Dillon Niederhut, M Pacer

July 9 - July 15

Austin, Texas

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Dynamic Social Network Modeling of Diffuse Subcellular Morphologies 1
Andrew Durden, Allyson T Loy, Barbara Reaves, Mojtaba Fazli, Abigail Courtney, Frederick D Quinn, S Chakra Chennubhotla, Shannon P Quinn

Cloudknot: A Python Library to Run your Existing Code on AWS Batch 8
Adam Richie-Halford, Ariel Rokem

Composable Multi-Threading and Multi-Processing for Numeric Libraries 15
Anton Malakhov, David Liu, Anton Gorshkov, Terry Wilmarth

Safe handling instructions for missing data 22
Dillon Niederhut

Sparse: A more modern sparse array library 27
Hameer Abbasi

Bringing ipywidgets Support to 31
Jon Mease

WrightSim: Using PyCUDA to Simulate Multidimensional Spectra 39
Kyle F Sunden, Blaise J Thompson, John C Wright

Exploring the Extended Kalman Filter for GPS Positioning Using Simulated User and Satellite Track Data 46
Mark Wickert, Chiranth Siddappa

Real-Time Digital Signal Processing Using pyaudio\_helper and the ipywidgets 53
Mark Wickert

Organic Molecules in Space: Insights from the NASA Ames Molecular Database in the era of the James Webb Space Telescope 61
Matthew J. Shannon, Christiaan Boersma

Harnessing the Power of Scientific Python to Investigate Biogeochemistry and Metaproteomes of the Central Pacific Ocean 68
Noelle A. Held, Jaclyn K. Saunders, Joe Futrelle, Mak A. Saito

Binder 2.0 - Reproducible, interactive, sharable environments for science at scale 75
Project Jupyter, Matthias Bussonnier, Jessica Forde, Jeremy Freeman, Brian Granger, Tim Head, Chris Holdgraf, Kyle Kelley, Gladys Nalvarte, Andrew Osheroff, M Pacer, Yuvi Panda, Fernando Perez, Benjamin Ragan-Kelley, Carol Willing

Design and Implementation of pyPRISM: A Polymer Liquid-State Theory Framework 83
Tyler B. Martin, Thomas E. Gartner III, Ronald L. Jones, Chad R. Snyder, Arthi Jayaraman

signac: A Python framework for data and workflow management 91
Vyas Ramasubramani, Carl S. Adorf, Paul M. Dodd, Bradley D. Dice, Sharon C. Glotzer

Yaksh: Facilitating Learning by Doing 99
Prabhu Ramachandran, Prathamesh Salunke, Ankit Javalkar, Aditya Palaparthy, Mahesh Gudi, Hardik Ghaghada