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Data access and munging tools for oceanographic and hydrological applications

Time: June 28th, 10:00 AM during sprints

Research and data management communities focused on watery environments (oceans, rivers, lakes, climate, etc) rely on a wide range of data sources. In addition to the multitude of idiosyncratic data conventions and structures that are used, several data encoding and transport standards have emerged, but their acceptance varies widely across communities. These include netcdf/CF, OPeNDAP, THREDDS catalogs, and OGC stack (CSW, WFS, SOS, SensorML, WaterML 2.0, etc), the first generation CUAHSI HIS stack (WOF & WaterML 1.x), WQX, and others. Different groups have also developed distinct but overlapping libraries to address these data access needs. Join us to share the tools you have developed, learn about what others are doing, and brainstorm ways to simplify our work and bring more coherence to our efforts.