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Jul 21st - 04:30 PM

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Funding Opportunities

Jul 21st - 05:45 PM

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Matplotlib enhancement proposal discussion

A chance to discuss ongoing and new matplotlib enhancement proposals (MEPs). MEPs are posted on the matplotlib development wiki here:

Participants who wish to comment or help with existing MEPs or propose entirely new MEPs are welcome...

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Organizing the SciPy Conference

In this BOF we will discuss the organizational side of SciPy and opportunities for the community to interact. We hope to get feedback on the conference, its growth, how to better serve the community and identify potential organizers for 2014.

SciPy 2014

Last year, Lauren Johnson made the great suggestion that we should have a BoF for next year's conference. Unfortunately, it wasn't suggested until near the end of the conference!

This would be a meeting to discuss plans for the 2014 conference. It would also be a great time to recruit new folks who are attending the conference that might be interested in helping next year...

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PySide development planning and sprint kickoff

A meeting to plan future PySide development and help developers get set up for the sprint on Friday and Saturday. Topics will include fixing pyside bugs, improving shiboken, and Qt 5 support.

PySide is a Python wrapper for the Qt graphic libraries that are used by many desktop applications...

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Women in Scientific Computing: Discussion and Mixer

Location: PDR1 - Go to the hotel's Carillon restaurant (on the bottom floor) and go up the stairs immediately to the right.

Women make up a small (but growing!) number of people doing scientific computing. Many reasons have been proposed for why this may be, but many questions remain.

Join this mixer and discussion of women in the scientific coding community to start a dialogue of ways to address the lack of women...

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NumFOCUS is a non-profit foundation founded to promote the use of accessible and reproducible computing in science and technology. To accomplish this mission, it supports the following items:

  • Educational Programs
  • The promotion of high-level languages, reproducible scientific research, and open-code development
  • An increase in collaborative research tools and documentation

In this session, we will discuss the mission and undertakings of the NumFOCUS foundation...

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The Royal Society of London's motto is nullius in verba -- on the word of no one. Reproducibility is a practiced in science to spread understanding, prevent fraud, and ensure empirical results are verifiable. In this session, we discuss how to support the practice of reproducible science, promote tools that facilitate reproducible experiments, and what challenges are particular to Python...

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PyNE Updates

PyNE is the Nuclear Engineering toolkit. We are currently gearing up for some major feature upgrades and the v0.3 release. These include better MCNP support, ENDF file handling, the addition of PyTaps-backed meshes, transmutation support, and other goodies. Come help us decide what we should do next!

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Python in Astronomy

As a follow-on to the Mini-symposium, we will have a discussion about the current status and path forward for Python in astronomy. The goal will be to define priorities for focusing effort within the scientist and developer community.

The Future of Array Oriented Programming

With many projects, past and present, extending NumPy and many exciting features and improvements planned for upcoming NumPy versions, we plan to provide an overview of the current projects, and discuss how people see them interacting in the future. We will try to learn from past projects to inform the ones in the works right now...

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PyData is the home for all things related to the use of Python in data management. The website makes it easy to access past, current and upcoming conferences, as well as links to download open-source data science tools.

PyData conferences are a gathering of users and developers of data analysis tools in Python...

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Teaching scientific computing with Python

A brainstorming / best practices session for people who have experience in teaching scientific computing with Python at undergraduate level, or who may take on this challenge in the future!

Python and Finance

Python is increasingly used in finance due to it's excellent support for math and science libraries and readable syntax.

Come talk about using python in finance!

Collaborating and Contributing in Open Science

As evidenced by SciPy 2013, there are many great open science projects. The Center for Open Science and the infrastructure being developed (the Open Science Framework) seeks to connect these projects and support collaboration. We will discuss collaboration possibilities, how developers might get involved, and how best to encourage community contribution to these efforts...

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Data access and munging tools for oceanographic and hydrological applications

Time: June 28th, 10:00 AM during sprints

Research and data management communities focused on watery environments (oceans, rivers, lakes, climate, etc) rely on a wide range of data sources. In addition to the multitude of idiosyncratic data conventions and structures that are used, several data encoding and transport standards have emerged, but their acceptance varies widely across communities...

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Discuss IPython!

Location is a place holder, will take place somewhere in the sprint rooms.