scikit-learn - Jake Vanderplas

It's important that we get technical aspects set up before we meet so that we can spend as much time as possible on the interesting parts of machine learning and scikit-learn. For this reason, please make sure you have the following packages installed in your python path:

The last one is important, but may pose some difficulty on older systems (it requires ipython 0.12+, and depends on tornado pyzmq, which are newer packages). You should be able to type

ipython notebook

and see the notebook launch in your web browser. More information is available here:

If you're unable to install the notebook feature, you'll still be able to follow along, but some of the interactive examples will be harder to work with. If you're unfamiliar with ipython notebook, please take some time to explore some of its features before Monday. I've found it very powerful and intuitive, and I'm excited to use it in our tutorial.

For anyone having trouble with the installation, I've been told that the conference organizers will provide EPD-free installers which include all the above requirements. Otherwise, you can find some tips for installation of all the above packages here:

Note that I will be updating these tutorial pages several times over the next few days as I do the last round of preparations for Monday. By Monday, the full content of the tutorial should be available at this site, and will later be merged with the main scikit-learn documentation page.