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Aaron Meurer

Several of us from SymPy will be attending the conference. Stop by if you are interested in SymPy. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have or to help you out if you have SymPy questions/problems.

For the sprint, some suggested topics are:

  • Releasing 0.7.3
  • Assumptions (SymPy issue 3631)
  • Auto-evaluation (SymPy issue 1941)
  • Refactoring solve() (SymPy issue 3560)

The first item in particular (releasing) has many tasks that will be easy for people who are new to SymPy or even to open source in general to help out with (and it will also help use push out the awesome new features that have been made since 0.7.2).

Feel free to suggest other topics as well.