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David P. Sanders

David P. Sanders

David P. Sanders is Associate Professor in the Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, at the National University of Mexico (UNAM) in Mexico City. He is from Cambridge, UK, where he also studied Pure and Applied Mathematics. He completed a PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Warwick, before moving to Mexico in 2005.

He teaches computational and theoretical physics in the undergraduate and graduate programs at UNAM, where he has been a strong proponent of Python and its scientific ecosystem, in a constant battle against the endemic use of Fortran. He leads a research group working on fundamental models in statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics from a computational point of view.

He discovered the SciPy community, the IPython Notebook, GitHub, and the joys of collaborative development at his first SciPy conference in 2013. He has since made contributions to IPython, including writing narrative documentation for the Notebook, and minor contributions to other open-source Python projects. He has recently fallen in love with Julia.

His personal webpage is


The wonderful world of scientific computing with Python

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Introduction to Julia

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