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Damián Avila

Damián Avila


I'm a Data Scientist (formerly a Biochemist) from Buenos Aires. I teach Immunology and Biostatistics. I'm a member of Python Argentina, Scientific Python Argentina and the Quantitative Finance Club. Currently, I am working at Continuum Analytics as a software developer.

My main focus are data science, visualizations and IPython-related projects. I use Python as the main computational tool to do these and other non-related things.

Recently, I have presented talks, posters and tutorials in several international and national conferences: PyConUS 2012, SciPy 2013, PyDay Lujan 2012, PyConAr 2011, PyConAr 2012 , PyConAr 2012 and SciPyConAr 2013.

In the open source area, I am mainly an IPython, Nikola and Bokeh developer, but I have also contributed to the Linkode and Waliki projects. I have also started my own projects, such as the IPython plugin for NINJA-IDE and vIPer. And you can also find some tutorials I wrote about Scientific Python tools.

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