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Dominik Klaes

Dominik Klaes

Currently I am a PhD student in the gravitational lensing group of Prof. Peter Schneider at the Argelander-Insitute for Astronomy in Bonn, Germany. I am working on large-scale optical data (supervisor is Dr. Thomas Erben), currently Kilo Degree Survey (KiDS) and ATLAS data from the VLT Survey Telescope (VST), and galaxy cluster finding on these data sets (supervisor: Prof. Thomas Reiprich).

I did my Bachelor in Physics also in Bonn and in my thesis I reduced and analyzed data from the 1m-telescope at the "Observatory Hoher List" in Germany in the context of gravitational lensed quasars and the resulting time-delay.

I also did my Master in Astrophysics in Bonn and in my thesis I set up an (software) illumination correction for the camera used at the VST for KiDS (see also here:

During my studies I have been tutoring several (lab) courses for Bachelor and Master students such as introduction into programming, numerical methods for physicists and optical observations.


Teaching Python to undergraduate students

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