Scientific Computing with Python
Austin, Texas • July 6-12
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David Brown

David Brown is the author of the multi-format data I/O package, PyNIO, which supports NumPy and Masked Array access to data from NetCDF, HDF, HDFEOS, GRIB, and shape files. He has served for several years on the organizing committee for the Python Symposium at the annual conference of AMS (American Meteorological Association) and is a contributor to aoslib, a Python library of functions related to atmospheric and oceanographic science, a community-developed project spearheaded by PyAOS (Python for atmospheric and oceanographic science). He is a software engineer at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and technical lead of the NCL (NCAR Command Language) development team.


Using PyNIO and MPI for Python to help solve a big data problem for the CESM

Wednesday 11:15 a.m.–11:45 a.m. in Room 203