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Proceedings of the 15th Python in Science Conference (SciPy 2016)

Sebastian Benthall, Scott Rostrup

July 11 - July 17

Austin, Texas


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Fitting Human Decision Making Models using Python 1
Alejandro Weinstein, Wael El-Deredy, Stéren Chabert, Myriam Fuentes

Functional Uncertainty Constrained by Law and Experiment 7
Andrew M. Fraser, Stephen A. Andrews

Composable Multi-Threading for Python Libraries 15
Anton Malakhov

Generalized earthquake classification 20
Ben Lasscock

cesium: Open-Source Platform for Time-Series Inference 27
Brett Naul, Stéfan van der Walt, Arien Crellin-Quick, Joshua S. Bloom, Fernando Pérez

UConnRCMPy: Python-based data analysis for Rapid Compression Machines 36
Bryan W. Weber, Chih-Jen Sung

Storing Reproducible Results from Computational Experiments using Scientific Python Packages 45
Christian Schou Oxvig, Thomas Arildsen, Torben Larsen

datreant: persistent, Pythonic trees for heterogeneous data 51
David L. Dotson, Sean L. Seyler, Max Linke, Richard J. Gowers, Oliver Beckstein

Comparison of machine learning methods applied to birdsong element classification 57
David Nicholson

MONTE Python for Deep Space Navigation 62
Jonathon Smith, William Taber, Theodore Drain, Scott Evans, James Evans, Michelle Guevara, William Schulze, Richard Sunseri, Hsi-Cheng Wu

The Climate Modelling Toolkit 69
Joy Merwin Monteiro, Rodrigo Caballero

Tell Me Something I Don't Know: Analyzing OkCupid Profiles 75
Juan Shishido, Jaya Narasimhan, Matar Haller

PyTeCK: a Python-based automatic testing package for chemical kinetic models 82
Kyle E. Niemeyer

Linting science prose and the science of prose linting 90
Michael D. Pacer, Jordan W. Suchow

MDAnalysis: A Python Package for the Rapid Analysis of Molecular Dynamics Simulations 98
Richard J. Gowers, Max Linke, Jonathan Barnoud, Tyler J. E. Reddy, Manuel N. Melo, Sean L. Seyler, Jan Domański, David L. Dotson, Sébastien Buchoux, Ian M. Kenney, Oliver Beckstein

Validating Function Arguments in Python Signal Processing Applications 106
Patrick Steffen Pedersen, Christian Schou Oxvig, Jan Østergaard, Torben Larsen

Spreading the Adoption of Python in India: the FOSSEE Python Project 114
Prabhu Ramachandran

PySPH: a reproducible and high-performance framework for smoothed particle hydrodynamics 122
Prabhu Ramachandran

An Ecological Approach to Software Supply Chain Risk Management 130
Sebastian Benthall, Travis Pinney, JC Herz, Kit Plummer

Launching Python Applications on Peta-scale Massively Parallel Systems 137
Yu Feng, Nick Hand