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Awkward Array: JSON-like data, NumPy-like idioms

Jim Pivarski
Princeton University

Ianna Osborne
Princeton University

Pratyush Das
Institute of Engineering and Management

Anish Biswas
Manipal Institute of Technology

Peter Elmer
Princeton University



NumPy simplifies and accelerates mathematical calculations in Python, but only for rectilinear arrays of numbers. Awkward Array provides a similar interface for JSON-like data: slicing, masking, broadcasting, and performing vectorized math on the attributes of objects, unequal-length nested lists (i.e. ragged/jagged arrays), and heterogeneous data types.

Awkward Arrays are columnar data structures, like (and convertible to/from) Apache Arrow, with a focus on manipulation, rather than serialization/transport. These arrays can be passed between C++ and Python, and they can be used in functions that are JIT-compiled by Numba.

Development of a GPU backend is in progress, which would allow data analyses written in array-programming style to run on GPUs without modification.


NumPy, Numba, Pandas, C++, Apache Arrow, Columnar data, AOS-to-SOA, Ragged array, Jagged array, JSON



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