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Awkward Packaging: building Scikit-HEP

Henry Schreiner
Princeton University

Jim Pivarski
Princeton University

Eduardo Rodrigues
University of Liverpool


Scikit-HEP has grown rapidly over the last few years, not just to serve the needs of the High Energy Physics (HEP) community, but in many ways, the Python ecosystem at large. AwkwardArray, boost-histogram/hist, and iminuit are examples of libraries that are used beyond the original HEP focus. In this paper we will look at key packages in the ecosystem, and how the collection of 30+ packages was developed and maintained. Also we will look at some of the software ecosystem contributions made to packages like cibuildwheel, pybind11, nox, scikit-build, build, and pipx that support this effort. We will also discuss the Scikit-HEP developer pages and initial WebAssembly support.


packaging, ecosystem, high energy physics, community project



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