Student Sponsorships

We are providing a number of student sponsorships to academics from the SciPy community who have accomplished significant work or made substantial development contributions over the past year. Sponsorship covers the cost of airfare, accommodation, and registration for the student attendees.


  • Elaine Angelo, Harvard University | Boston, Massachusetts
  • James Bergstra, University of Montreal | Montreal, Canada
  • Kadambari Devarajan, University of Illinois | Chicago, Illinois
  • Gerardo Gutierrez, Universidad de Antioquia | Medellin, Colombia
  • Ryan May, University of Oklahoma | Norman, Oklahoma
  • Kristopher Overholt, University of Texas | Austin, Texas
  • Fabian Pedregosa | University of Granada
  • Nicolas Pinto, M.I.T. | Boston, Massachusetts
  • Skipper Seabold, American University | Washington, D.C.
  • Kurt Smith, University of Wisconsin | Masison, Wisconsin
  • Stéfan van der Walt, University of Stellenbosch | Johannesburg, South Africa
  • David Warde Farley, University of Toronto | Toronto, Canada
  • Omar Andres Zapata Mesa, Universidad de Antioquia | Medellin, Colombia

Congratulations to these fantastic students, and thanks to our corporate sponsors for making sponsorship possible.

Enthought, Inc.