Scientific Computing with Python
Austin, Texas • July 6-12
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WSSSPE 1.1 @ SciPy

Working towards Sustainable Software for Science, Practice and Experiences: WSSSPE1.1 @SciPy

Sustaining scientific software, across funding streams, research interests, and participants, is increasingly viewed as one of the major challenges facing computational science. This half-day workshop will collect and share experiences from the Scientific Python ecosystem on how projects have successfully, and unsuccessfully, addressed sustainability. The workshop will open with presentations from community leaders about how they have sustained development, and will include a panel discussion and an open forum for discussion of how to best manage education and training, funding, community growth, development, and how to shape policy at the national and international levels.

For more details on the WSSSPE community see their page.





1pm - 5pm

The workshop will be held at the AT&T Conference center in conjunction with SciPy.