EuroSciPy2013 Debrief

Wed 30 October 2013 By Pierre de Buyl

EuroSciPy took place for the second time in Brussels in 2013. With about 200 participants, the conference is quite stable in size and in organization. The two days of tutorials were followed by two days of scientific talks and posters and a day of sprints (among others, the largest sprint on Scipy in a long time). A change to the conference was the new website. We conducted no survey but the decrease in support requests for the registration process is a good sign.

A talk/poster contest was organized, with Canopy licenses awarded to: Philippe Gervais (best poster "Memory profiling"), Bill Little (best talk "Iris and Cartopy: open source Python libraries for weather and climate science") and Nicolas Rougier (jury award for the talk "Vispy, A Modern and Interactive Scientific Visualization").

The conference ended with the announcement that EuroSciPy 2014 would take place in Cambridge, so prepare to visit England next time! In the meantime, authors and reviewers are preparing the EuroSciPy 2013 proceedings.

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