SciPyArgentina2013 Debrief

Tue 05 November 2013 By Celia Cintas, Nahuel Defossé

SciPyArgentina 2013 was held in Puerto Madryn (Patagonia) from May 16 to 19th. There were 255 inscriptions, 180 attendees plus 50 high school students came to the Conference.

The Conference included two three day tutorials, several scientific talks, a posters session, and a keynote by Prabhu Ramachandran. A lightning talks session was included at the end of the Conference. Detailed schedule can be found at SciPyArgentina 2013 as well of videos of many talks (most of them in Spanish language).

On May 17th, there were a series of talks targeted to high school students introducing two main topics: game development and robotics.

Conference was supported by several sponsors who provided financial assistance. Their support helped to cover travel and accommodation expenses for the lecturers, grad and undergrad students.

The conference ended with the announcement of next SciPy Argentina venue. It’ll take place in Bahia Blanca, in September 2014.

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